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The enchantment and magic of the hills

In Riccione the adventure never ends… Aquafan, Oltremare, Imax: dive into fun!

  • Aquafan: Europe’s most famous waterpark offers visitors endless emotions with its exciting water slides and other attractions set in the greenery of luxuriant gardens, together with a host of entertainment activities, great shows and other special events. Year after year, Aquafan’s success is also confirmed by its capacity to make its mark on fashions and trends. By night, the Walky Cup disco is the brightest star on the Adriatic Riviera, thanks also to the artistic direction of DJ Linus from Radio DeeJay.
  • Oltremare: Right next to Aquafan, the Oltremare theme park means adventure, entertainment and discovery, with the Dolphin Lagoon, the world’s most important display of seahorses, the River Po Delta habitat, birds of prey in flight, the chance to meet farm animals, the turtle hospital, green routes, meteorite strikes… Oltremare caters prevalently for a public of European families, with a surface area of 110,000 square metres for the most exciting tribute to our planet, its seas and its oceans, where entertainment can also offer the opportunity for an experience rich in educational themes.
  • Imax: Tim Imax offers the most spectacular and exciting movie experience in the world. Thanks to exclusive Imax technology, extraordinarily high image definition and a giant screen of over 600 square metres, as tall as a seven-storey building, spectators have the privilege of visiting and exploring places they’ve only dreamed of or imagined, to live unforgettable adventures firsthand: a journey through space, a climb to the top of Mount Everest, a dive into the deepest ocean abysses. Surprise, amazement, discovery… Imax goes beyond cinema!
  • Adventure Island: the new Oltremare attraction with 4000 square metres of fun and games… with hanging bridges, adventure trails, ladders and ropes, a river ride with boats, islands of sand, water cannons and magical musical fountains. And right at the centre of Adventure there’s Europe’s biggest Dolphin Lagoon… And here you’ll see Ulysses, the inquisitive dolphin famous for his television advert appearances, together with water cascades, bizarre machines and strange submarines.
  • For younger children there’s Fiabilandia, to enjoy themselves with Peter Pan’s Bay, Merlin’s Castle, Captain Nemo, the Lake of Dreams, the Goldmine, the Apache Village, Fu-Ming’s Labyrinth and the Magic Village.
  • Mirabilandia: the fantastic theme park with shows and attractions for all ages
  • Italia in Miniatura: discover Italy’s most famous display of miniature monument replicas
  • Le Navi: the great aquarium in Cattolica with hammerhead sharks and Marty, one of the baby sharks due to make his star debut on 1 May.

We’re waiting to welcome you… for a sea of emotions and entertainment!

ci sono almeno 6 buoni motivi per trascorrere le tue vacanze all’Alexandra Plaza

sulla spiaggia

animazione e
servizi per bambini

splendido giardino
di oltre 4000 mq.

2 piscine con

e garage

intrattenimento e
musica dal vivo

il meglio per le tue vacanze

parco e garden restaurant l’oasi

Il piacere di coccolare grandi e piccini


Un luogo speciale dove festeggiare un evento unico